Our profile

We plan

We plan, project and calculate investment projects.

We develop

We develop solution proposals in form of 3D models for visualisation, construction design, production and implementation.

We perform

We perform projects from preparation to approval.

We solve

We analyse and approach solutions for technical and print related problems.




Project example "folder add-on"
Extension of a newspaper press and its ancillary units to improve production performance

  • 1-folder.png
  • 2-folder.png
  • 3-folder.png




Project example "modernisation"
Innovative step-by-step unit upgrade during daily production

  • 1-step.png
  • 2-step.png
  • 3-step.png
  • 1-step-F.png
  • 2-step-F.png
  • 3-step-F.png




Project example "reel supply system - on-floor" (un-planned reel stand)
IBH research & developement projects for custom-specific requests

  • 1-reel-F.png
  • 2-reel-F.png
  • 2-reel.png